Personal Adaptability Inventory (PAI)

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Changefirst’s PAI (Personal Adaptability Inventory) is a research-based proprietary psychometric and development system that provides a structured way to build resilient, adaptable leaders and teams who can survive and even thrive during disruption

The Inventory measures individual and team preference in relation to 7 characteristics of highly resilient people.  It builds awareness and understanding of behaviours associated with over- se and under-use of the characteristics in specific situations and facilitates the crafting of realistic personal and team development / action plans to build adaptability for change and transformation


PAI pack of 10 access keys - digital access for 10 individuals to complete the Inventory, get a system generated profile and suggested actions for development.

Add a Group profile with high level considerations and actions suggestions for the group

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IF KNOWN, add the email addresses (at checkout) of those who will complete the PAI.  Otherwise access keys will be assigned as, etc.

    NOTE that each access key allows 1 person one-time access only.