3-month Roadmap Pro Licence

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Purchase a 3-month licence to Roadmap Pro® for an end-to-end change management planning application, with:

  • 9 powerful multi-lingual behaviour & risk assessment tools,,
    • automated survey and segmentation capability and integrated action plan suggestions to mitigate key risks
    • analytical insights and benchmarking capability against 850,000+ data points, to help validate business-critical change decisions
  • a detailed, pre-populated, fully editable change plan with 500+ practical actions to address people risks
  • easy alignment and inclusion with your project planning processes
  • 40+ on-demand learning and application support videos
  • 20+ step-by-step visual process guides

Note: your 3-month licence is non-exclusive, non-transferable and for individual use, in accordance with these user terms. Please ensure you have read and agree these terms before confirming your purchase. 

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