Roadmap Pro® Licence extensions - bespoke

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Renew / extend your licence to Roadmap Pro® and continue access to a digital change management toolkit with:

  • multi-lingual survey tools,
  • analytical insights and benchmarking
  • step-by-step process guides
  • pre-populated planning templates 
  • on-demand learning and application support

Individual licences are non-exclusive, non-transferable and for individual use, in accordance with these user terms. Please ensure you have read and agree these terms before confirming your purchase.

This purchase contains the following:

  • 4 months licence extension to 1 November 2022, for 5 people = £1800
  • 1 month licence extension to 1 November 2022 for 2 people = £180
  • 3 months and 1 week licence extension to 1 November 2022, for 1 person = £293

Discounts (where applicable) are applied at checkout. If a purchase is made by a person who is not eligible then the transaction will be cancelled with no charge made.