Personal Adaptability Inventory - packs of 10

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Includes 10 people each complete the Personal Adaptability profile once, get a system generated profile and suggested actions for development.

Changefirst’s Personal Adaptability Inventory and development system creates a steppingstone to resilience, capacity and learning for individual and teams.

Our highly practical, research-based seven-factor psychometric, with development system helps leaders and their team, consider and plan how best to:

  • Recover and manage through change overload.
  • Survive and even thrive through the disruption associated change and disruption.

Add to your package (recommended)
If you are a manager/team leader or P&OD practitioner, why not add a team profile and report to your purchase.

  • Once individuals in your group have completed their inventories, we will collate the information and send you the team profile and development report.

When purchasing please ensure that list of email addresses are entered at checkout for those who will utilise a licence. Each licence allows 1 person one-time access.