About Changefirst

Leading the way in change management for over 20 years, Changefirst has successfully trained 1,000’s of individuals in 100s of businesses in over 45 countries.

Formed in 1995 Changefirst has worked with over 300 companies in 45 countries to enable them to implement change projects effectively. Roadmap Pro® is our transformational change toolkit that enable our clients to plan, analyse and track major change projects – all from one dashboard.

Deliver faster, sustainable change results

Make data-driven change decisions. Use proven change training and tools.

Transform the way Change Management is delivered

Combining our industry-leading Change Management digital platform - Roadmap Pro® - with a full suite of onboarding and support services will enable your teams to build and implement effective plans, utilize a suite of powerful diagnostics and quickly deploy proven change tools.

Our approach to Agile Change Management

Our solutions are specifically designed to help you:

Deliver change successfully

Get increased value from key programs with more engagement and collaboration.
Upskill your teams

Get increased value from key programs with more engagement and collaboration.

Create sustainable capability

Develop the level of Change Management maturity you need to match your transformation agenda.

How we do it: Roadmap Pro® - Digital Change Management.

Our digital Change Management solution and proven capability
building expertise enables you to succeed.

The digital transformation toolkit.

Roadmap Pro® is a content-rich, integrated resource with all the Change Management learning, tools, planning support, collaboration, transparency and reporting you need. Based on our proven PCI® methodology, our digital change management platform allows you to:

      • Get started quickly and easily
      • Use a flexible framework that integrates with other business processes
      • Scale your capability easily to the needs of different change roles
      • Support project roll-out by delivering high levels of engagement
      • Increase people engagement and collaboration exponentially.

    Who we help

    Organizations - Engage more of your people in change with a cost effective and scalable solution that builds sustainable capability.
    Consulting Firms - Increase your revenues and repeat business with a proven digital solution which builds client 'stickiness'.
    Technology Companies - Enhance your reputation and accelerate user adoption and time to value your customers.

    Global reach. Local support.

    We have worked with over 300 organizations in over 45 countries.
    Our expert teams of global delivery partners and facilitators share our passion for building change capability in your organization.